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3d Scanning




Verbal brief, simple napkin sketch, detailed drawings, or give us free rein? Whether you kinda, sorta know what you want or have an exacting and precise design brief we can work with you to design for manufacturing and realise the parts/products you need to move your project forward.


The process of taking ideas, sketches, drawings or scan data and turning them into 3d models and working drawings. From straightforward prismatic parts to complex surfaces and assemblies our experienced design team and industry leading Siemens NX software can deliver your parts for visualisation/rendering, 3d printing or more conventional manufacturing.




CAM - Computer aided manufacturing, the complex process of taking 3d models and making real parts. Materials, tooling, strategies, finishes and machines to be used are all parts of the equation, programming the simplest parts can be measured in minutes whilst the most complex can take days. All programmes are then verified prior to physical machining to help prevent any unforeseen surprises.


Starting with rough blanks (often referred to as billets) and machining away everything that isn’t needed! Materials machined are usually (but not limited to) metals, plastics and occasionally woods. CNC - computer numerically controlled machines give precise, repeatable results. Our manufacturing capability includes multi axis milling, turning and mill/turn.

3D Scanning



Using portable hand held scanners allows us to capture scan data in a controlled environment at our premises or ‘in the field’ for those items that can’t be brought to us. From small components to whole vehicles we can capture the data needed for reverse engineering or to design new components to fit in/around existing assemblies.


Data captured by scanning is usually a complex mesh consisting of hundreds of thousands or millions of triangles, this mesh is highly accurate and is utilised for metrology and surface data. However the mesh isn’t generally ‘direct to manufacturing’ and so must be imported into a CAD system to start the process of reverse engineering a reproduction or new part.


Concept, design, manufacture, realisation - for over forty years we have been involved in, and passionate about, all things fast and loud.
Two wheels, four wheels, on the road, in the dirt or airborne we can help you with race, street, show or restoration.


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